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Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is a division of SPC Group, an international food and food services company based in South Korea. Paris Baguette ranks as the top brand in the highly competitive Korean bakery market, and presently supplies fresh bakery products and hot beverages to customers through 2,900 stores in Korea, and 52 stores in China.

Paris Baguette brand formally entered China in 2005.  On the signboards the word “Café” is always present, expressing that coffee and other beverages are equally important to pastries and breads. During these years, numerous Chinese customers have elected the habit of starting their day with a coffee and a pastry at one of these shops, then at midday many customers chose this shop for a cup of coffee and a sandwich, then again in the afternoon they consume some more beverages and maybe a slice of cake.

Paris Baguette was founded in 1986. Ninety percent of their shops are run in a franchise model. Their first shop was opened in a Carrefour in Shanghai. On the 8th of June 2011 the first Paris Baguette was opened in Beijing. The company plans to open the 200th store in China by 2014.

The Paris Baguette shops in China are the exact copies of those in Korea, including the shop front, interior and furnishings, the production standards, organization methods, servicing standards. The headquarters directly supervise each members of the chain, and through the Chinese headquarters directly interview every applicant to decide about the acceptance into the chain, and thus guarantee the maintaining of quality standards and mutual profit. As an acknowledgement of the outstanding success, in 2008 the Paris Baguette was invited as one of the official suppliers of the Beijing Olympic Games, and then received the “Top 10 Cake Shop” award in 2010.

The Top 10 Cake Shops award was founded in 2001, and is the most prestigious award of bakeries in China; handed out once in every ten years this award testifies to outstanding product and service quality, safety and decoration. Paris Baguette was amongst the ten best out of 150 thousand contestants, receiving the highest marks in both food safety and quality.

Where the Paris Baguette experience differs from the traditional bakeries is that here the customer can taste the real flavor of freshness, the pastries and breads being non-stop freshly baked on the spot. The coffee beans they brew in the shops in China are roasted in their own plant in Beijing.

When in 2000 foreign companies started their march into China with the manufacturing industry at their heart, China’s spending power was not yet strong. But after the last ten years amazing economic growth, following the still formidable spurt of the two previous decades, in China now exists a solid mass of middle class people, who’s numbers are – calculating with 10% of the population – close to a 140 million strong.  The immense spending of this class offers a solid basis of success for foreign food enterprises entering China.

When Paris Baguette entered China, the foreigner-local ratio amongst the consumers was 8 to 1. Now it is 3 to 7, which gives Paris Baguette the ultimate confidence in its future growth on this market.