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Florentia Village

Opened on 19th May 2011, Florentia Village is China’s very first world-class Italian premium fashion outlet and lifestyle culture centre in Wuqing, located between Beijing and Tianjin. In the buildings copying 16th century classic Italian style, Florentia Village features the largest collection of nearly 200 world-renowned brand names stores with authentic merchandise. The whole complex cost about 100 million Euros and the construction took less than a year to complete.

The “village” is located 60 kilometers from Beijing’s 5th Ring Road, 38 kilometers from Tianjin city center, 60 kilometers from the Tianjin Binhai New Area, spanning a site area of 60,000sqm and gross leasing area of 42,000 sqm

The concentrated mass of citizens of the two province level metropolises is the source of visitors – their buying power amongst the highest in the country. Over 25 million people live within 90 minutes drive by car, 10 million within 30 minutes. There are several rail lines in the vicinity, including a station of the BJ-TJ high speed railway along with 3 main highways passing close by. The area was announced as a fast development zone by the central government, accordingly it is expected to become a main residential and commercial center of the area within the next five years.

The investor behind the project is the Fingen Real Estate Development Management (RDM) company.  At the opening ceremony, RDM’s chairman, Mr. Jacopo Mazzei said: “We and our global partners are confident in the growth potential of China’s consumer retail market and now is the perfect time to begin RDM’s China journey. We are proud to take our first step with Florentia Village – Jingjin Designer Outlets which we designed to be the ideal outlet destination for sophisticated Chinese consumers. Florentia Village and our future projects in China will deliver an attractive and rewarding shopping experience that will introduce a diverse range of renowned brands, world-class management and Italian culture.”

Prestigious Italian labels including Prada and Fendi entered China for the first time with flagship outlet stores at Florentia Village. Visitors can indulge in a shopping extravaganza of nearly 200 international fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bulgari, Tod’s, Versace, Burberry, Celine, Zegna, Moncler, Missoni and Lancel, and popular lifestyle brands including Diesel, Coach, Guess, CK Jeans, Follie Follie, Samsonite and BMW Lifestyle.

In the next five years, RDM plans to build five designer outlet centers under the Florentia Village brand name throughout China which promises to significantly raise the bar for brand mix, building construction and management style.